We are closed since Sat 3/14 to prevent COVID-19 spread.     Week by week we shall review and update our status. See you soon.

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How does the online appointment work?
When not to use the online appointment request?
We recommend that you call us on phone for same day appointments.
What if my Service is not available for selection in the above form?
Please use the 'Comments' field to further specify the required services. You may select 'Other' for the type of service and use 'Comments' to further describe your needs.
How do I specify my desired stylist or esthetecian's name in the service request?
Please use the 'Comments' field to specify the desired stylist or esthetecian.
How do I change my previous service request?
Please create a new request and mention the previous appointment time-slot that you are changing in the 'Comments' field. Or please respond to our confirmation email with your changes.
How do I cancel my previously requested appointment?
Life happens. We understand. With as much advance notice as possible please create a new request with the original time-slot and mention 'CANCEL' in the 'Comments' field. Or you may also request cancellation by responding to our confirmation email.

For same day cancellations we prefer and recommend that you call us by phone to request the cancellation.