Aveda Hair Color & Remote Work

Aveda Hair Color & Remote Work

Beauology uses Aveda Hair Color. We do not use hair dryers to accelerate the processing with artificial heat. Instead we prefer to let the color to process naturally using our body heat. After all, our head often is the warmest part of the body. Why not put that heat from the brain power to good use? 😀

Using our body heat the hair color processing takes at least forty minutes. Including the color processing time a typical hair color service takes an hour and forty minutes. How can you use this service time better?

We encourage you to bring your work to Beauology. Bring your laptop and stay connected to work. Even do your Zoom calls during the color processing. We offer wifi, coffee, herbal tea, and snacks, to heighten your productivity.

Remote work is here to stay. 😀 No matter what Elon says. Take advantage of the weekdays for getting your salon services done!

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