Frame your face with perfectly threaded eyebrows!

Prices below are for fine to medium coarse facial hair. Extra charge for coarse or difficult to remove hair, or if your service needs additional time beyond our standard service times.
Eyebrow Threading - For regularly maintained eyebrows. Extra charge for overgrown eyebrows or when you need more than our usual TLC! $15
Eyebrow Threading Reshape - For redefining the eyebrows after significant growth $30
Full Face Threading - By appointment only $60
Full Face with Full Chin Threading - By appointment only $68
Upper Lip Threading $8
Lower Lip Threading $8
Chin Threading $8
Full Chin Threading $15
Sideburns Threading $10
Forehead Threading $10
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Q1. What is Threading?
Threading is hair removal technique used mainly for removing facial hair. A cotton thread is twisted around one ore more strands of hair and the hair is pulled from the roots. Threading technique when used for shaping and maintaining eyebrows is commonly called as eyebrow threading.

The skilled technicians at Beauology, threading salon, use threading for precise and painless removal of your unwanted facial hair and keep your eyebrows looking shapely and sharp.

We also offer Waxing as an alternative for facial and body hair removal.


Q2. How is Threading versus Waxing?  Is Threading better than Waxing?

Threading requires less contact with skin. As a result threading irritates the skin less than waxing. Threading works on few strands of hair at a time. For areas such as eyebrows where precision is required threading is the preferred approach.


Q3. Why is Threading the preferred technique for facial hair removal?

Facial skin needs all the help it can get to keep you looking young and healthy for the marathon that is life. Waxing removes top layer of the skin. Why subject your facial skin to the regular erosion? Instead choose to use Threading for facial hair removal.



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