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Eyebrow Shapes for Square Faces

In the last article 'Eyebrow Shapes for Oval Faces' we started the article series about eyebrow shapes and leading ladies of Bollywood.  In this article we will focus on eyebrow shapes for square faces.

The versatile and gorgeous Kareena Kapoor - what is her face type?  Does Kareena have a square face or is her face long?  Her prominent chin adds elements of both square face and long face.  We think Kareena's dominant face type is square.

The purpose of eyebrow shapes is to balance face features.  A square face is roughly the same length vertically and horizontally.  Eyebrow shape for square face must produce some sort of elongation.  A set of well arched eyebrows can help achieve perfect balance.

As the attached picture shows Kareena shapes her eyebrows sometimes as for a square face with a prominent eyebrow arch and at other times for a long face when the eyebrow arch is not as prominent. We think the prominent eyebrow arch gives her some of our favorite looks of Kareena.  In addition to eyebrow shapes, the right Makeup also adds to the elongation desired for a square face.

This blog was originally posted on Nov 10, 2013.
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