Sri doing Womens Haircut at Beauology Hair Salon in Fremont CA

No Shortcut to Haircut

"Don't go for haircuts. choppy, chatty and non professional. only got a bang, wasted the 25 usd." - that was the review posted by a first time client to Beauology. 

We feel this is a ‘teachable moment’ for all of us - our clients, our service providers, and also the prospective clients.

We are unhappy that the client is unhappy and as a result we failed at retaining the client.

Obviously, the client NEEDED a haircut but WANTED a bang trim. A bang trim is not a haircut. A bang trim cannot accomplish the results of a haircut.

Often, clients push us to do the limited services - bang trim or refresh ends, expecting the results of the full haircut. Our service providers have to learn to say ‘No’ to such requests and guide the client to the full service. We learn from this experience.

BTW, as of March 2024, bang trim costs $25 and takes 15 minutes to perform. Women’s Haircut costs $87 and takes one hour as majority of our haircut clients have long hair and blow dry styling needs the time to see the results of the haircut.

We are not interested in pushing services or products that we know you do not need. Retaining you as a client through your Happiness is our only goal. We never push for the full haircut if the bang trim will do.

In this case the client asked for and received the bang trim and not a haircut to save on the cost while expecting the results of a haircut. We need to stand firm on our service recommendations and create happiness. After all, happiness is one of our guiding values.

We are not ‘non professional’ as the reviewer said. All our service providers are licensed and have the required education. We been in service for 13 years since the year 2011. Sri, our Owner and Creative Director, received her hair education from the Sassoon Academy and Aveda Education. We are professionals and continue to learn.

We are chatty. That is correct. Sri ‘takes the Oscar’ in being chatty. 😀

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