Hair Treatments FAQ

Q1. Why does Beauology not offer different price levels for hair services anymore?

Beauology, hair salon in Fremont CA, used to offer hair services at two price levels - Associate Stylist and Senior Stylist, until early 2014. Since March 2014 we offer hair services at one price level only. After our brief experiment with multiple price levels for hair services we realized that with proper education and practice even our talented junior stylists can produce the same quality of work as our more experienced stylists. Plus, we believe one price level creates a better team environment that is essential to delight our clients.

Beauology, hair salon in Fremont CA, relies on Sassoon Academy for foundational hair cutting and coloring education for all stylists.

Q2. What is the difference between Keratin Smoothing and Japanese Straightening hair services?

Keratin Smoothing, Brazilian Blowout, and Japanese Straightening, are all techniques for getting straight shinny frizz-free hair.

Keratin Smoothing technique coats the hair with keratin protein to create a smooth frizz-free look. The keratin washes out in about three months.

Japanese Straightening permanently straightens hair by physically changing the internal structure of hair. Thus there is no washing out. The straightened hair has to grow out to regain the previous original look.

Keratin Smoothing typically takes about three hours in the salon. Japanese Straightening takes about five hours in the salon. Long (below shoulders) hair will need additional time.

Beauology, hair salon in Fremont CA, does not offer Brazilian Blowout due to concerns of formaldehyde exposure from the products used as reported in the media.

Q3. What is Henna for hair?

Henna is a plant mainly found in northern Africa and southern Asia. The leaves of this plant are ground into a paste or dried and powdered to produce various cosmetic products.

At Beauology, hair salon in Fremont CA, we provide Henna for hair as a conditioning and coloring treatment. Henna gives hair a healty lustre and a deep red-brown tone to hair. Unlike hair color Henna offers very limited gray coverage. However, being a natural dye Henna is very effective for early onset of grays.

For thinning hair also Henna is very effective as repeated and frequent applications of Henna coat the hair making it thicker.

Q4. What does the Hot Oil Head Massage service offer?

In the Hot Oil Head Massage service at Beauology, hair salon in Fremont CA, the scalp is massaged with a blend of several herbal oils that are warmed. The twenty to thirty minutes of vigorous scalp massage stimulates blood flow to the scalp, improves health of hair roots and scalp, and calms the nerves.

Q5. What is the Hair Fall Treatment service?

Aveda Invati System is popular for its plant based solutions to various hair and scalp conditions - Thinning, Aging, Irritated, Oily, Dry. At Beauology, hair salon in Fremont CA, the hair fall treatment involves diagnosing your hair and scalp needs and using the Aveda Invati prescribed sequence of products to tackle the condition. The service is finished with Shampoo and Blow Dry.

Any hair or scalp condition requires following the treatment at regular frequency to see the desired results.

Q6. What is the Hair Glaze or Gloss treatment?

Gloss or Glaze treatment adds shine and color to hair without using chemicals. A clear glaze adds shine only without altering the color. The service is finished with Shampoo and Blow Dry.

The color used in the glaze is semi-permanent. The shine and color last about three to four weeks.

Glaze is one of the fastest and effective techniques for creating shiny healthy looking hair.