Haircut Testimonials

Tejal R, client at Beauology hair salon in Fremont CA
Tejal R
Fremont CA

"I loved the service and my haircut. I would definitely recommend this salon☺️."


Shilpa R, client of Beauology hair salon in Fremont CA
Shlipa R
Fremont CA
" Sri did my haircut and it looks great! She told me what to expect beforehand and did a really nice job. She did not oversell the look I would get so I had a good idea about what the final outcome would be. She gave me a lot of recommendations for maintaining my hair which helped. I ended up purchasing one of the products that she used because it worked so well on my hair.
Madhu did a neat job with threading my eyebrows. Friendly people, clean place. Will definitely return."
Services: Shampoo & conditioning, Haircut, Hairstyling, Eyebrow threading
Manasa V, client at Beauology hair salon in Fremont CA
Manasa V
Fremont CA

"Haircut and styling is awesome, I liked the service so much, Sri and Vasavi are very friendly and caring. Thanks."


Shamili A, client at Beauology hair salon in Fremont CA
Shamili A
Fremont CA

"Sri and her team are amazing! They are always thoughtful about recommending hairstyles but also listen to what you want. The results are always excellent."

Services: Haircut, Hairstyling


Ruchi C, client at Beauology hair salon in Fremont CA
Ruchi C
Fremont CA

"Sri is the best I have ever seen. Generally when u get a haircut you come back thinking the stylist was not listening. Not with Sri, she listens and pays attention. She also knows very well what will suit your face. Even after 2 yrs of covid break she knew what I like, how I want my hair dried, which styling serum suits me. She is truly the best I have seen."


Yesenia V, client at Beauology hair salon in Fremont CA
Yesenia V
Fremont CA

"Thanks Shri for my beautiful haircut and threading. I missed Navi this time - she usually does my threading but I was very happy with all of my services haircut & style and threading. This is my second haircut with Shri. My hair grew out really nicely with my first haircut and definitely glad I returned. This is my go to place now! Everyone is really pleasant."

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  • Be at least 16 years of age and have completed the 10th grade or its equivalency.
  • Have a valid social security (SSN) or tax payer identification (TIN) number.
  • Have a valid government issued photo ID.
  • Commit to working 32 hours per week for two years.
  • Attend a 6 hour theory class every Tuesday.
  • Optional - Eyebrow Threading skill.

    ‘Earn while you Learn’ and ‘Pay as you Go’

    • Work 32 hours per week. Get paid $16+ per hour.
    • The weekly once 6 hour theory class costs $234. Pay at each class start.
    • Gross earnings from 3200 training hours is at least $51,200. The total cost of theory classes is about $10,000. Unlike beauty school the apprenticeship program puts money in your pocket!

      Roadmap to License

      1. Complete Beauology Apprenticeship Agreement.
      2. Do 42 Hours (unpaid time) of Pre-Apprentice Training.
      3. Get Apprentice License from the State Board.
      4. Do 222 Hours (unpaid time) of Required Supplemental Instruction (theory class).
      5. Do 3200 Hours (paid time) of On the Job Training at Beauology or any other authorized Establishment.
      6. Pass State Board License Exam.

        Why choose Beauology?

        • We love beauty work. If you love beauty work too then our Apprenticeship program is a stepping stone to a joyous professional career. Happiness, Education, and Service, are our guiding values.
        • Beauology offers a team based supportive work environment.
        • We believe in doing it right and not cutting corners.


          Q1. How is Cosmetology Apprenticeship different from Beauty School?

          Professional beauty work in CA requires a cosmetology license. Beauty School and Cosmetology Apprenticeship both offer a path to getting the license but differ in significant ways as shown in the table below.
          Beauty School Cosmetology Apprenticeship
          Program Duration 1000 hours 3200 hours
          Income No Yes
          Job Ready upon Graduation No Yes


          Q2. Can I do the Apprentice training at a different salon and theory classes at Beauology?

          Yes, an you can do the theory (RSI) classes every Tuesday at Beauology and then work as an apprentice at another salon for at least 32 hours a week.


          Q3. Can I do the theory classes over Zoom?

          At present we do not offer the online option for the theory classes required for Apprenticeship.


          Q4. Do you offer any discounts on the theory class fee?

          Yes,  we discount the fee for theory classes based on the amount of our time and effort required to administer and monitor your training. The standard fee for the six-hour class is $234. Contact us to know the fee discount for your situation.