Threading FAQ

Q1. What is Eyebrow Threading?

Threading is hair removal technique used mainly for removing facial hair. A cotton thread is twisted around one ore more strands of hair and the hair is pulled from the roots. Threading technique when used for shaping and maintaining eyebrows is commonly called as eyebrow threading.

The skilled technicians at Beauology use threading for precise and painless removal of your unwanted facial hair and keep your eyebrows looking sharp shapely and sharp.

We also offer Waxing as an alternative for facial and body hair removal.

Q2. How is Threading versus Waxing?  Is Threading better than Waxing?

Threading requires less contact with skin. As a result threading irritates the skin less than waxing.

Threading works on few strands of hair at a time. For areas such as eyebrows where precision is required threading is the preferred approach.

Q3. Why is Threading the preferred technique for facial hair removal?

Facial skin needs all the help it can get to keep you looking young and healthy for the marathon that is life. Waxing removes top layer of the skin. Why subject your facial skin to the regular erosion? Instead choose to use Threading for facial hair removal.

Q4. Can Threading be used for body hair removal?

Technically Threading can be used for body hair removal and not just for facial hair removal. But practically the technique does not work well for body hair removal.

As Threading works on few strands of hair at a time, body hair which is coarser and more profuse, will require unacceptably long time.

Q5. Is Threading painful?

We are pulling few strands of hair from its roots. Threading can be painful when done by an unskilled technician.

At Beauology we emphasize on a technique that is painless. Stretching of the skin, direction of the pull, and speed, are key to eliminating pain. Majority of our clients express their delight and surprise in how painless we make it.

Q6. Our menu lists Eyebrow Threading and Eyebrow Threading Reshape. What is the difference between the two?

If you maintain your eyebrows with regular Threading, typically every two to three weeks, then they retain their desired shape between Threading sessions. All you need is the Eyebrow Threading service to remove the extra growth.

If a lot of time has elapsed since your last Threading then it is likely that the eyebrows have lost their desired shape. Then you need the Eyebrow Threading Reshape service. The technician spends additional time and effort to bring the eyebrows back to their desired shape.

Q7. How can I learn to do Eyebrow Threading professionally?

There are several good resources online that show how to perform the basic technique of threading. You need a lot of patient practice to perfect the technique.

We offer Threading Training for free to every team member as a benefit of joining Beauology!

Q8. What are the different eyebrow shapes?

Eyebrow shapes balance the Face shape. It's more relevant to talk about Face shapes.

There are five Face shapes - Long, Oval, Round, Square, and Heart. For each facial type the eyebrows are shaped to counter the facial shape. For example, for Long face eyebrows are shaped horizontal to visually shorten the face. Beauology technicians are skilled at identifying your facial shape and creating the ideal eyebrow shape for your face.

It is acceptable not to go with the ideal shape guidelines and create your own preferred look.

Q9. What is the best eyebrow shape for my face?

First figure out your facial shape - Long, Oval, Round, Square, or Heart. It's usually the first shape that comes to your mind when you look at your face in the mirror with the hair out of the way. The best eyebrow shape is derived by going opposite to the facial shape. For example, if the face is Round or Square then well-arched eyebrows create the perfect balance.

Q10. Can you make my eyebrows look like those on the model in the photo?

What looks good for the model in the photo will not necessarily look good on you. If your basic facial shape matches with that of the model in the photo then the eyebrows in the photo will work on your face too.

Any shape is possible provided there is growth to support that shape.

Q11. Can I tweeze my eyebrows in between threading sessions?

We have the Eyebrow service for our regular clients to maintain their eyebrows in shape. Typically if you get your eyebrows threaded every two to three weeks you will not not need to tweeze. We do not recommend our clients to tweeze in between threading sessions as the resulting in-growns are hard to remove with threading.

If you have to tweeze then be very conservative and stick to the strays only that are outside the lines. Over-plucking below your eyebrows and otherwise thinning them results in a "surprised" look that will last for weeks and is undesirable.

Repeated tweezing will permanently damage the hair root which prevents the hair form ever growing back.

Q12. How can I enhance my eyebrows with various products?

An eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil is your best friend when it comes to correcting mistakes made by nature or you. Choose a eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil that closely matches your brow color.

Do not match your eyebrow color with your hair color. Brunettes and Redheads can choose a pencil or powder one shade lighter than your hair color. Blondes can choose a color one shade darker than your hair color.

Beauology caries the entire line of BDB eyebrow care products. Please consult us on your next visit to select the right products and to learn how to use these products.

Q13. How can I fix my overplucked eyebrows?

First choose a brow pencil that closely matches your eyebrow color. Remember, you want to maintain a natural look!

Fill-in your entire browline, not just the bald spots, so everything blends together. Use your brow brush with light strokes to ensure the color is evenly distributed.

Next, if your brows do not grow back or grow very slowly, try an eyebrow erum like the BDB Brow Boost. This product is designed to help stengthen and condition thin, over-tweezed brows. It's easy to use and can help minimize the time you spend waiting to undo your over-tweezing mishap.

Q14. Does eyebrow serum BDB Brow Boost really work to grow my brows thicker?

BDB Brow Boost is a natural formula with no scary side effects. It's been on the market for more than five years and customers swear by Brow Boost's ability to thicken and condition their brows and lashes.

Within 30 days of regular use you will see visibly fuller brows.

Q15. Does Beauology offer eyebrow threading for men?

Yes, we offer eyebrow shaping for men too.

Our service prices for eyebrow threading are same for men and women.

Q16. Can I get eyebrow threading done with makeup on?

During the threading service your technician will ask you to stretch certain areas of the skin with your hands. This stretching of the skin may disturb the makeup and you may need to touch up your make after the threading session.

Q17. I use tretinoin (generic Retin-A). Please let me know if this is a problem.

Retin-A and its generics make the skin sensitive. In comparison to waxing, threading does not irritate the skin as much. Threading can be done while on Retin-A and similar medications.