Waxing FAQ

Q1. For waxing services what type of wax do we use?

Satin Smooth Ultra Sensitive Wax used at Beauology Salon in Fremont CA

We use Satin Smooth Ultra Sensitive Wax for all waxing services in Fremont CA.

Q2. How can you reduce waxing pain?

Drinking water and applying moisturizer on a daily basis is beneficial to your body leading up to a wax.

Q3. Why is Threading the preferred technique for facial hair removal than Waxing?

Facial skin needs all the help it can get to keep you looking young and healthy for the marathon that is life. Waxing removes top layer of the skin. Why subject your facial skin to the regular erosion? Instead choose to use Threading for facial hair removal.

Q4. What is included in Full Body Waxing?

For full body waxing Beauology includes waxing of full arms, underarms, full back, chest, full stomach, full legs, and Brazilian wax.

By combining multiple services in this package you receive a much better price than if you purchased these services individually. A full body wax package without the Brazilian wax is also offered.